Psi Chi Store
Website / Merchandise / Email
The Psi Chi Store is an online merchandise shop as well as the gateway for collecting the one-time membership fee. Although generally functional, it lacked a professional polish that should be associated with a historic honor society. The design needed to be simple and easy to maintain for a nonprofit without sacrificing brand integrity.
Reuse, Reduce, Reimagine
To make work light and keep consistent user experience, elements from the original design were reused, but more updated. More emphasis was placed on merchandise photography and curation of products to create a more designed look. A prominent landing image was added for a better sense of “welcoming” and to allow for easy updates with the latest offers and new products. For better clarity between Psi Chi’s main website and the store, a Psi Chi Store logo was created that maintains Psi Chi’s overall brand identity.
Star of the Show
Simple lifestyle product photography was favored over isolated product imagery to help circumnavigate limitations of budgeting models, as well as hazards posed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The photography direction focused on a “social media style,” using simple textures, accessories, and natural lighting to convey a feeling of a cozy dorm room or college campus that would be familiar to the primary member demographic.
Getting the Word Out There
A new email template was designed to compliment the website, in hopes of introducing future drip campaigns, offer promotions, and product launches. The overall design is simplistic for ease of creation for non-designers and to allow for quick email pushes.
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