Psi Chi Instagram
Psi Chi's Instagram account began with a once or twice a week posts, identical to the posts scheduled for both the Facebook and Twitter social accounts. The lack of attention to the unique interests of Instagram users and minimal efforts for engagement meant the follower numbers reflected the effort put in, even though through surveys it was the most used social account among Psi Chi members.
Recognizing What Works
Although text-heavy posts on Facebook were ineligible for boosting, on Instagram, the informative posts thrived. By looking at the available metrics, it was determined that Instagram's follows were interested in graphically interesting informative posts, photos shared from Chapters and members, and stylized merchandise photography. Using this information, a new five-day post schedule was adapted with unique graphics and posts from Facebook and Twitter. To help streamline designing social graphics, templates were created for certain reoccurring posts such as podcast episode and webinar announcements.
Growing Our Audience
Within a year of adapting to the new approach, the Instagram follower growth rate increased by 80% without any post boosting. Within two years, had surpassed Twitter's follower count. It also has the highest consistent engagement compared to Twitter and Facebook.
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