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Psi Chi
Since 1929, the leading psychology honor society has helped psychology majors jumpstart their careers. Psi Chi offers scholarships, publication opportunities, chapter activities, and more. Although times have changed since 1929, the commitment to provide value to students has remained the same.
Content and distribution
Psi Chi distributes tons of content throughout the year. It boasts a quarterly magazine, quarterly journal, a podcast, multiple email newsletters, and social platforms. However, distinguishing between the types of content can be confusing. Creating unique design templates for each type helps viewers distinguish between the different options.
Original artwork
Another challenge of having such a high volume of content to distribute, is creating unique artwork. Whenever possible, prioritizing original illustrations was a must to distinguish from content not associated with Psi Chi. Reoccurring articles like the "Three Heads" advice column have personalized designs for each editions. Psychology-inspired merchandise is also an important avenue for creating Psi Chi-only designs.
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