Night Stars
Identity / Packaging
As one of the first holiday landscape lighting brands on the market, as years passed the visual identity of Night Stars began to look dated. An overhaul became necessary to fit the changing tastes of target customers in retailers such as Target. The brand needed to move away from a hardware store, utility look and more towards a home goods style product.
Embracing Holiday Cheer
The new design needed to be lighter, colorful, and better reflect the surrounding aesthetics of current holiday decor trends A light green was adapted as the main brand color, with the secondary color signifying the holiday theme, red for Christmas and orange for Halloween. The layout of the packaging was maintained for consistent branding, but the information icons were updated with more color and monoline illustrations.
Selling Holiday Magic
The visual identity redesign was successful, and the Indoor Projector with a point of purchase display was ordered by Target for their 2019 Halloween seasonal line. All Night Stars sales collateral was updated to reflect the new redesign.
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