KCH Transportation
Brand Refresh
KCH Transportation is a third-party logistics brokerage that boomed as a result of the supply chain disruptions in 2019–2022. As a result, it outgrew its thrown together brand and needed to be elevated to start competing with bigger names.
Getting Aligned Company-wide
The Marketing team performed interviews with leadership, workshops with teams in each department, and ran a company-wide survey to learn what made KCH Transportation special. The results created a clear direction for crafting the mission statement, values, vision, and positioning–which led the visual brand refresh initiative.
Creating Assets Unique to KCH
To stand out in a saturated market, the visuals needed to be unique to KCH Transportation. Reinforcing the brand's focus on people and relationships, we prioritized in-house photography. But the issue of using stock images to represent services became apparent, as many competitors would use similar photos. By leveraging our in-house design team, we created a unique icon and illustration system to offset the need to rely solely on stock photography.
Creating a New Website
As the brand evolved, the website needed to evolve along with it. Within about four months, we totally redesigned the site with a contract web developer. Everything was designed in-house with each page was designed in Figma.
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