Eye on Psi Chi
Editorial / Email
For over twenty years, Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, has released a quarterly magazine filled with articles relating to psychology and being a psychology student. As time has passed, some of the editorial design had stubbornly remained the same. While maintaining the rich history of the periodical, the Eye on Psi Chi magazine needed a fresh eye to entice readers again.
Letting the Articles Sing
When assisting in the art direction of each issue, creating layouts and choosing images was all about how to make the articles sing for themselves. Knowing which stock photos or illustrations worked best, or when to create original illustrations (such as the “Three Heads” advice column), was the dance that played out every issue. 
Inviting Readers
Once the fully designed PDF was created, it was time to let the readers know it was online. Using Psi Chi's robust email subscriber list was the primary source of readership, which means the email design was essential for driving the recipient to the content. Even here, the focus was showing how interesting each article was, but also limiting character count to ensure the quick digestion of information.
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