Brand Exploration / Sales Collateral
Echelon Fitness started as a line of products within Viatek Products Group before becoming its own separate company. In the early stages of development, the design team at Viatek was tasked with taking the name and products and creating a cohesive brand identity. 
Giving the Brand Legs
With the Creative Director's initial identity design, the Echelon brand book was created to solidify already in-use design systems and become a touchpoint for future work. It also functioned as a way to start communicating the brand's values, with general art directions for associated photography style, secondary colors, and typography use.
Teaching the Brand to Run
After the preliminary brand book was created, it needed to be tested for "real world" application. From CES trade show ads to sales cards, creating adaptable collateral across multiple marketing channels was the playground for stress testing the brand book's design system.
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